Crypto signals that works

Our team consists of people who have experience in many areas. In addition, traders and other people with contacts who help us choose the best time to enter the market are advising us.

We have decided to create a professional service that will provide high efficiency. Sure you'll ask why we share crypto signals since they are so good? The answer is simple - our advisers and contacts cost a lot of money, the money we charge for membership covers the costs of doing this business.

It's simple deal. We and our clients taking advantage of this.

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How does it work?

We rely on the most popular solution for sharing crypto signals - the Telegram messenger. For more advanced users, we are able to run API signals using the CryptoHopper solution.

We plan to create an original solution that will support trading to our subscribers. At the moment, we rely on proven and reliable solutions that have not been anyone disappointed yet.

For more details, contact us
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Benefits of Using Our Services

Down below in present detailed informations about our services. If you want to know more, please contact us.

We Are Flexible

Our team consists of people working both in Europe and North America. The signals appear in different time zones. By using our services you do not have to worry about the signals you will get when you sleep.

Tools Based on AI

We have our original dedicated solutions that oversee the cryptocurrency market and capture for us anomalies that may herald the ups and downs on specific crypto. Thanks to this, we can see more and faster than others.

Advanced Crypto Analysis

The crypto signals we publish are always supported by analysis and consultation with experienced analysts and traders. Whenever we can, we also provide analysis and charts.

Only Profitable Signals

We only send crypto signals that have a chance to success. We never send so-called 'pump and dump' signals. We care about customer satisfaction and make sure that the efficiency is as high as possible.

Everything Will be Understandable

Our services are tailored both to people who start their adventure with cryptocurrencies, as well as those who are experienced and require something more. Our signals are detailed and simple way.

Dedicated Support

Each subscriber who decides to cooperate with us can count on unlimited support both in terms of signals sent by us and in other matters that are related to the cryptocurrency industry.

Our crypto signals are growing like crazy

We present you our results from recent months. Click on month for more details!

May, 2018 +205%
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May, 2018

  • Total signals: 32
  • Closed signals: 28
  • Closed targets: 88
  • Total profit: +205%
June, 2018 +166%
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June, 2018

  • Total signals: 29
  • Closed signals: 25
  • Closed targets: 77
  • Total profit: +166%
July, 2018 +199%
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July, 2018

  • Total signals: 22
  • Closed signals: 20
  • Closed targets: 60
  • Total profit: +199%
August, 2018 +302%
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August, 2018

  • Total signals: 41
  • Closed signals: 39
  • Closed targets: 120
  • Total profit: +302%
September, 2018 +175%
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September, 2018

  • Total signals: 38
  • Closed signals: 30
  • Closed targets: 92
  • Total profit: +175%
October, 2018 +373%
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October, 2018

  • Total signals: 24
  • Closed signals: 23
  • Closed targets: 71
  • Total profit: +373%
November, 2018 +289%
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November, 2018

  • Total signals: 25
  • Closed signals: 22
  • Closed targets: 68
  • Total profit: +289%
December, 2018 +396%
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December, 2018

  • Total signals: 31
  • Closed signals: 29
  • Closed targets: 87
  • Total profit: +396%
January, 2019 +367%
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January, 2019

  • Total signals: 40
  • Closed signals: 40
  • Closed targets: 96
  • Total profit: +367%
February, 2019 +330%
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February, 2019

  • Total signals: 44
  • Closed signals: 41
  • Closed targets: 121
  • Total profit: +330%
March, 2019 +355%
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March, 2019

  • Total signals: 50
  • Closed signals: 48
  • Closed targets: 133
  • Total profit: +355%
April, 2019 +327%
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April, 2019

  • Total signals: 45
  • Closed signals: 41
  • Closed targets: 119
  • Total profit: +327%
May, 2019 +348%
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May, 2019

  • Total signals: 50
  • Closed signals: 49
  • Closed targets: 124
  • Total profit: +348%
June, 2019 +350%
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June, 2019

  • Total signals: 46
  • Closed signals: 43
  • Closed targets: 115
  • Total profit: +350%
July, 2019 +354%
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July, 2019

  • Total signals: 40
  • Closed signals: 40
  • Closed targets: 102
  • Total profit: +354%

Our signals in details

Read the information down below to learn more, about our given crypto signals.

Targets values: Available
Stop-loss values: Available
Support: Available

Our signals are ready to use on following exchanges

You do not need to have registered accounts on all exchanges, we recommend Binance the most.

Do you want to know more or need help?

Feel free to contact us via e-mail: [email protected]