What is Crypto Copy Trading? Super Explain

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Crypto copy trading platforms are mapped out so that beginners or newbie investors don’t have to go through years of trial and effort. They are saved from errors to learn how huge profits are booked. You don’t have to take any lengthy courses that explain how the crypto market grows and works. In short, you don’t need to bear losses or lose money while learning how the crypto market goes up and down.

Copy-trading permits traders to copy trades executed by other investors in the financial crypto markets. The goal of copy trading is for the trader to have the equivalent positions as the investor they are copying. When a person copies another trader, he doesn’t receive the outline or layout of that trader’s strategy, but they only follow the trades they provide blindly.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy-trading empowers traders to copy the positions opened up by numerous traders automatically, and both trader accounts are going to be linked, which means that a trade that is executed through one trading account is as it is executed in the other trader account.

Copy Crypto Traders
Copy Crypto Traders. Photo by Nick Chong on Unsplash

Copy trading is when you copy trades that other traders make. In alternative aspects, you execute homogenous trades in your account, which is potentially a cheaper alternative to professional asset management. For newbie traders, copy trading lessens the probability of overleveraging their accounts by accomplishing the highest possible profits, all without having to do multiplex market research. But it isn’t just for newcomer traders; experienced traders who do not have the time to analyze and monitor the market also get to benefit from copy crypto trading, too.

Cryptocurrency copy trading finds other investors that have a track record you would like to imitate. Copy-trading can be useful for traders who don’t have the time to follow the markets themselves. Generally, copy trading is focused on short-term trading, in particular day trading and swing trading​ strategies, but several different strategies are used to generate revenue. Copy-trading tends to focus on assets within the forex market, as well as on cryptocurrencies and other complex or volatile crypto markets.

Is copy trading crypto profitable?

Copy-trading can result in high profits if the trader finds a successful trader with good strategies to copy. However, the greatest risk a trader will face when copy trading is market risk. If the strategy a trader is copying is unsuccessful, they can lose money. Traders also face liquidity risk if the instrumentation they are trading undergoes illiquid conditions when crypto markets are volatile. Lastly, crypto traders can also have to go through systematic risky conditions if the product they are trading experiences high declines.

Can you make money using cryptocurrency copy trading?

Copy trading is a management strategy where one copies the trades of another trader which permits him to track the performance of that investor. An automated version of copy trading is also available where one’s trades are automatically transacted.

Copy Trading in Crypto
Copy Trading in Crypto. Photo by Behnam Norouzi on Unsplash

A manual version, however, will allow a trader to execute their trades. The manual version offers discretion, and if one employs their discretion, they should expect the returns to be different, compared to the historical returns of the copied trader. Traders can certainly make money through copy trading, but before starting, you should consider practicing manually copying your trades to see if the returns are as profitable as they had been expected.

Is a copy trading crypto platform worth using?

The worth of a crypto copy trading platform completely depends on who you copy and how much investment you make. Now, if the expert trader you are copying has a low-risk profile, you can safely put in more assets without worrying much about losing your investment. Conversely, if the trader you are copying makes high-profit margins but also has a high-risk profile, you might think to consider investing less money. In short, copy trading is worth it only if you choose the right trader. It is observed that it is the beginners who get benefitted the most from copy trading because they are the ones that have higher chances to lose money if they were to trade themselves.

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How to Identify the Best crypto Trader to Copy?

Finding the right crypto trader to copy is almost as troublesome as finding the best altcoin to invest in. However, there are some criteria made to narrow down this choice. This aids in the choice of the best crypto signals provider to copy. These include

  • Experience: All social trading platforms have You can rank multiple traders based on comprehensive profiles for every trader, their detailed profit and loss records, the number of funds they manage, the risk level, and long-term return on investment. Then identify the best ones considering they should be consistent over the long term.
  • Investment strategy: You should choose traders whose portfolios and investment strategies are sufficiently vast and diversified which reduces the risk of losses. Check the structure of the crypto portfolio.
  • The followers’ strength: Commonly, popular traders are the profitable ones.
  • Communication Time: Check the interaction of the provider with their followers. High frequent interaction means good communication.

It is worth noting that a major risk of using a copy trading platform is that it has high transaction fees. These fees can eat into your profit. You should always be on the lookout for hidden fees when copy trading. By looking at the above criteria for the best crypto copy trader we can say that it is worth using the Signals Blue provider if the user wants to copy the best moves on the crypto market. The reason behind this is the fantastic features it provides to its users. Firstly its team of professional analysts gives their best-experienced signals and moves to its users. They can copy them blindly without having a risk of a huge loss. Secondly, their 24/7 support system communicates anytime with their users whenever they have any problem regarding some issue. Its high-quality service fulfills all the desires that a user expects from its copy trading platform and hence makes it the best crypto copy trader.

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